About Us

A cold evening in Tikkurila, Finland. It was supposed to be just another relaxed night with a couple of beers within close friends. When Ville (lead vocals), Timo (lead guitar) and Jaffa (guitar) decided to try a few songs written by Jaffa, they soon realized how deeply they were connected through music. Right from the beginning making songs together felt effortless. Saving Jack was born that day. Idea of an acoustic trio was soon extended, when old friend Härski (bass) was hired as a bass player. Still in spring 2021 they were missing drummer and a pianist. A drummer was found from the neighborhood. Ossi (drums) is a professional drummer and a super creative musician. Through Ossi Saving Jack also found their pianist Sampo (piano, keyboard). Last, but not least, Nippe (percussion) completed the rhythm section with percussion. The line-up was now complete.

Most of the members are from the same town in Southern Finland: Tikkurila. Years of playing in the same bands, doing gigs together and being friends, makes this band genuine and warm-hearted. It’s easy to relate with Saving Jack’s simple lyrics from real life. They do music, which feels good and right for them Songs vary from country ballads to more guitar driven rock. Saving Jack is always open for new ideas and sounds. At the mature age of around 40 years, these guys will only concentrate on genuine music, friendships, and a simple, good life.